Living in a Marsupial World
_Just a quick update to check in and get up to speed: As of June 9th we have a car! After much research and deliberation, the four of us have purchased a Nissan Terrano II 4x4 that we've christened "Alby" (pronounced Albie - pictures to come!). For those of you familiar with Flight of the Concords, you should already know that should we run into any coolant or oil leaks on the road these will of course turn into jellybeans, so not to worry friends and family, any mechanical issues will be delicious.

In other news, we're finally out of our initial share house after some frustrating back and forth with the guy we were renting from who has some serious bi-polar passive aggressive issues. Wasn't anything serious or troubling but to be free from a bit of crazy is good. We still have a few things we need to take care of here in the Noosa area before we can be on our way, so while we reorganize, get a few final check-ups on the car, sell Devin's surfboard etc., we're staying with a mechanical engineering friend and helping him with a few projects in the interim. Then on to the Glass House Mountains for a bit of camping before the four of us part ways in July! More to come soon...

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