Living in a Marsupial World
Epic might be the appropriate word to describe our schedule these past few days. After moving out of our apartment by 2 AM last Saturday, leaving Ben’s parents’ house by 4 AM, catching a 6 AM flight to San Francisco, having an awesome and event-packed 3 days there, followed immediately by a combined 24 hours in planes and airports with another 4 hours to go (we’re still in Auckland waiting for a flight to Melbourne)… teleporting is sounding like an excellent mode of transportation right now.

San Francisco was great though – thanks to Mike and Bethany for putting us up, and dealing with our stuff everywhere! Eric and Sam, our superfriends from Portland, made the long drive down and spent the better part of our 3 day west coast adventure with us. Chris Franz, you were missed. 

The Bay to Breakers race was happening the day we flew in, and for those who are unfamiliar, it's basically an all-day, all-city, costumed/naked drinking bonanza. Oh yes and there's some running involved in there somewhere. Great fun to watch - while on the phone with Sam, he saw a dinosaur trying to ride a unicorn, just to give you a general idea. For the rest of the stay, many a great night was spent at bars in the Haight and during the day we played at the Academy of Science and in the beautiful Henry Coe State Park (just south of San Jose).  It was there we discovered soft rolling green hills, a tree that disliked Eric so much it essentially bitch-slapped him to the ground, and a baby rattlesnake, which Ben nearly stepped on. Good times were also had with John and Amy, and Emily Doe, friends from Winchester now living in SF, and with several other CC alums in the area. Cheers guys! Oh and congrats to Sam on the new house!!! Can't wait to see it!


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