Living in a Marsupial World
Arrived in Noosa after a 40 min bus ride to be enthusiastically welcomed by Emily. Taking in the scenery during the ride, we immediately noticed how tropical and lush everything is in this area. Living in the states, most people tend to imagine Australia as this desert wasteland solely inhabited by venomous insects, snakes, 20 foot crocodiles, and crazy people who think it's a good idea to live there. While a fair amount of the country fits that description, there are also huge tracts of rainforest - predominantly in Queensland - that look more like Costa Rica or Colombia. I'm sure there are still plenty of killy creatures around, but that's pretty much a given wherever you go in the world.

There was no time to get a nap in - quick bus to Emily and Devin's house in Sunshine Beach, then another to Tewantin, where the house boat was anchored and awaiting our arrival. Devin, the man with the plan, managed to organize an amazing house boat trip up the Noosa River with us and a bunch of friends from his restaurant job. Mar and I were pretty excited just to see our two friends, but the thought of spending three nights on a river with a bunch of food, beer, and several apprentice chefs was icing on the cake.

While the overall trip was a blast, it had its fair share of interesting moments - like when Reese (one of the young chefs) forgot to tie up the dinghy to the back of the boat and Emily had to throw on some flippers to go grab it before it floated all the way down the river. Or when Reese (again) drove the 12 ton boat straight into a clearly marked sandbar and we all had to jump out and push the boat back into deeper water before the oncoming current drove it further onto the bar...good times. 

Most of the restaurant staff that were able to come on the trip were aged 19-20ish, so being the oldest, most mature members of the boat crew was, well... a bit weird. Also the "kids" were all about the Death Metal music, and as much fun as Slipknot is for 72 hours, it didn't really fit the theme of the river trip so we raged a passive-aggressive music battle. We did manage to eat like kings - steaks one night, spaghetti bolognese another, plus some self-caught mud crab sauteed in butter for a midday snack. I managed to get some fly-fishing in...actually just fly-casting, as I didn't even get a nibble no matter what I tried. :( It was pretty disheartening when this old man floating by managed to reel in the biggest fish I'd seen on the trip, just as I was packing up my rod for the last time. I may or may not have weeped openly at that moment. 

Dan and Deb and Olivia

Hi you two-- enjoying your blog. Melbourne sounded really cool.
Next time someone asks if you are in the Amazing Race, say yes. I've learned that when people ask for a Dennis Miller autograph, I just give it.


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